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From Ed Korthof>
Subject Re: Advice on hacking SSI parsing into CGI output
Date Sun, 15 Feb 1998 07:14:12 GMT
A while ago, I set something like this up by taking the file descriptor
which (in mod_cgi) is sent to send_fd, and handing it to
send_parsed_content instead... you might want to take care of some of the
stuff send_parsed_file does first, though.

This was against an old source tree (1.2b7)... and we've gone away from
CGI, so we're not using it anymore, but I could send you the patch if
you're interested (it'd probably need some work, though -- I haven't
maintained it; and it was a very simple implementation anyway).

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On Sun, 15 Feb 1998, Brian Atkins wrote:

> We are wanting to do this for our own obscure reasons, and
> would really appreciate any advice on how to approach it.
> Can we just send the CGI process' stdout fd to the
> mod_include handler?
> I did some light research and didn't see anyone who had
> already done this...
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