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Subject Re: apache/linux modules
Date Tue, 03 Feb 1998 14:58:38 GMT

> > I think for 2.0, we should go a step beyond autoconf.  Go right to
> > automake/libtool which sit on top of autoconf in order to provide a
> > proper framework for building shared libs on all platforms.
> > 
> we should also have the build process for Apache 2.0 build gcc as well
> while it's at it. :) :) :)

Well, how do you plan on addressing the shared lib building issues that we
are pretty sure to need in 2.0?  Will you make Configure figure out how to
build a shared lib on all the various platforms that we support?  On some
platforms it is pretty damn hairy to get all the compiler flags right and
this is something the automake/libtool/autoconf combination is quite good at.

I sure wish I had started out using automake right from the beginning.  I have
a hard time replacing my existing build process right now, but for PHP 3.1 I
certainly will.  For example, I am using this mega-kludge to figure out how
to build a shared library on a platform:

  perl -V > perl.out
  # if the greps and cuts don't do the job, set these manually
  CC=`grep cc= perl.out | cut -d, -f1 | cut -d\' -f2`
  OPT=`grep optimize= perl.out | cut -d, -f2 | cut -d\' -f2`
  CCFLAGS=`grep ccflags perl.out | cut -d, -f1 | cut -d\' -f2`
  LD=`grep ld= perl.out | cut -d, -f1 | cut -d\' -f2`
  LFLAGS=`grep cccdlflags= perl.out | cut -d, -f1 | cut -d\' -f2`
  CCDLFLAGS=`grep ccdlflags= perl.out | cut -d, -f4 | cut -d\' -f2 | sed "s,
  LDDLFLAGS=`grep lddlflags perl.out | cut -d, -f2 | cut -d\' -f2`

If this isn't the dumbest hack of the century, I don't know what is.  But I
am certainly not going to try to maintain shared lib build info for every
platform out there.  In this case I am letting the Perl guys figure it out.


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