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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject SIGPIPE handling
Date Mon, 09 Feb 1998 01:24:43 GMT
There are a number of applications areas for HTTP in which failure
to deliver the entire content requested is a serious error.  Admins
in such environments need to be able to see dropped connections in
the error log, which is why we have those messages. Arguments to the
effect of normal browsing behavior involves a lot of dropped connections
do not apply, particularly since we don't log warnings by default.
I agree that it would be better to have several levels of warnings,
but we don't have that yet.

OTOH, our current handling of SIGPIPE is a separate issue.  SIGPIPE is
too unreliable to be treated like a timeout, and isn't needed in any
case provided that the errno is checked on writes (which we now do properly).

I think Dean's objection would be better handled by removing the SIGPIPE
parts of the timeout handler and setting SIGPIPE to SIG_IGN thoughout.


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