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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject The Bad News
Date Sat, 07 Feb 1998 21:49:30 GMT
OK, its official. _flushall() doesn't make any difference to the Win32
CGI hang problem, sad to say. For those having problems reproducing it,
the recipe I'm using is this:

1. Have a CGI that does a sleep(2).
2. Hit the CGI from 10+ DOS windows with a client that just goes round
and round refetching.

I've found that 8 windows can take half an hour or more, but 11 (or is
it 12, too lazy to count) only takes around 10 minutes or less. To hang,
that is.

BTW, I'm 99% convinced this is an MS bug, not an Apache one, and they
aren't paying me enough to fix it. For any Doubting Thomases - the
reason other similar programs don't suffer is that they don't use the
C/Unix file handling emulation that MS provide - they use native Win32
handles. Which, presumably, is what we'll do to in some future version.
Perhaps not so future, at this rate. I can't say that the prospect of
fixing MS's C library fills me with excitement.



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