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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: apache/linux modules
Date Mon, 02 Feb 1998 19:47:18 GMT
At 02:23 PM 2/2/98 -0500, Cristian Gafton wrote:
>Would you be interested in some patches to make apache 1.3 compile its
>modules as shared libraries and load them on startup ?
>I find this method that apche should be recompiled every time you add a
>module very frustrating. i have done some patches that will allow modules
>to be compiled as shared libraries (.so files), and apache will dlopen()
>them on startup, loadin all modules present in a certain directory
>(/usr/lib/apache for example)

There is definitely some interest in doing that, but we are trying to close
up 1.3 so I don't know if it can make it in.  I would advocate you (or
someone) from redhat join the developer's list (,
subscribe new-httpd, they're also cc'd on this response) and present the
patches.  I know there's at least one other shared-library patch out there.
 I'd be interested, personally speaking, in seeing it work before 1.3
final, but the group seems to be moving towards closure so we can move to

>Also, are you aware of any work in progress to make apache 1.3 use the GNU
>autoconf program (lower priority, but still doable and cool)

We've had rancorous discussions about whether it's a good idea; basically
boiling down to concerns that autoconf would not be easy to extend if there
was suddenly an issue (such as the whole serialized-accept bizness) which
we needed to address per platform.  If you have experience with this and
want to address the concerns a few members of the group have about it, it's
definitely a possibility we'd consider.


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