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From Daniel Veillard <>
Subject Re: Apache "ports" system
Date Tue, 24 Feb 1998 05:18:16 GMT

  I guess there is no need to restart a BSD/Linux/AnyOS war on packaging,
people will use the packaging native to their OS (or distribution), and
if not available recompile from the tar.gz(s) . I don't see anyone converting
his system initially using A for B just because B has so many nice features.


> I'm pretty certain there's rpm for solaris already, I've seen solaris
> rpms. 
> > And let me say that there is no reason why we need to reinvent the wheel
> > for a packaging system, but the FreeBSD ports system is BSD makefile hell,
> > RPM isn't entirely portable and is a bigger hassle to get going, etc.

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