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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject autoconf (FWD: Re: Does anyone miss configure (lower case 'c'))
Date Mon, 23 Feb 1998 15:45:12 GMT
I'm sorry... I just couldn't resist. The Perl5 porters list is
"lamenting" that beast called autoconf...

See, I ain't the only one :) :)

Tom Horsley wrote:
> >Sometimes I wish I could propagate a virus to 'rm -rf *autoconf*' all the
> >files on the planet and on the tape archives (at restore time, letting them
> >think the tape is corrupted) so that people be forced to use metaconfig. :-)
> Can I help? :-).
> >Actually, I have a whole battery of arguments to support this.
> >Some people just don't realize how badly Autoconf was designed.
> It wouldn't be too awful if it simply had one big problem fixed. For some
> reason (even though you are supposed to be able to provide a predefined
> config.cache file) it insists on recomputing the answers to about half
> of the config parameters it sets regardless of what is in config.cache
> (or maybe it just doesn't think those are worth storing in config.cache).
> Those parameters are *always* the ones it gets wrong (at least on my system,
> and I suspect on any system that doesn't have a user base that includes at
> least 10000 dedicated gnu software fanatics who are willing to debug the
> contortions of autoconf and submit patches :-).
> Personally, I'd still rather sit down with an editor and a config.h file
> that has actual comments in it and just tell it the right values to use,
> but at least Configure will let me answer questions and will let me
> change *anything* with config.over...
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