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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <>
Subject Comanche alpha
Date Fri, 30 Jan 1998 12:06:22 GMT
I am sending this to new-httpd and gui-dev, so if any of you is subscribed to
both of them you will get it twice (sorry)

This is to announce Comanche 0.1 alpha

* What is Comanche?

Comanche stands for "COnfiguration MANager for apaCHE"
It is a graphical configuration utility for the Apache webserver (see distributed under GNU license

You can find more information about Comanche at

and about the Apache GUI and Configuration project at

* Where can I get it?

NOTE: This release is only intended for the people at
and So PLEASE do not distribute further. Although it is
pretty usable now, I do not want to make it wide public until I consider
it is complete enough

* What do I need to run it?

Comanche is written in TCL/TK, so it should run out of the box in any
Windows, MAC or UNIX machine with a TCL/TK interpreter installed
It has been tested in Windows NT, Windows 95 and Red Hat Linux 5.0

You need tcl/tk 8.0 to run it. You can get it at
The latest version I know of is 8.0p2

* What is this release for?

I would be very grateful if some the developers of Apache had the time to
play a bit with Comanche and give some feedback and ideas.

In short: Is that what you expected? How do you think it can be improved?

You can do it through gui-dev mailing list or directly
to me

* Acknowledgements

Sue. For her patience... I love u
Miguel for Beta Testing
The Apache Group. For creating such a wonderful server
The friends at the Apache Gui project (Hi Justin! Hi Mario! :)

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