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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject Apache JServ (mod_jserv) 0.9.10 available
Date Sat, 14 Feb 1998 09:22:08 GMT
mod_jserv is an Apache HTTPD module that handles requests to the
"Apache JServ" Java servlet engine.
The Apache JServ 0.9.10 is now available at

0.9.10 requires JDK 1.1 or later. It also requires JSDK 1.1, which is
now part of JDK 1.2.  For users of JDK 1.1, the JSDK classes are included
with the Apache JServ (with permission from JavaSoft.)  In either case,
it is no longer necessary to obtain a separate copy of JSDK.

This version runs on Unix in the automatic and manual startup modes on
Apache 1.2 or 1.3.  It also runs in manual startup mode on Win32 with
Apache 1.3.

There are now separate developer's and user's mail lists for mod_jserv
and the Apache JServ.  See the Java-Apache Project's web site for more

Upcoming versions of the Apache JServ will include interfaces for
ISAPI-compatible and NSAPI-compatible web servers to also communicate
with the Apache JServ.  (It will still be called the "Apache JServ"
when used with a non-Apache web server.)

Also coming up will be a new protocol between the web server and the
Apache JServ.  The "Apache JServ Protocol Version 2" is documented on
the Java-Apache Project's web site.

The Java-Apache project is a volunteer effort to promote, plan and
develop Java software for Apache HTTPD.  The volunteers consist of software
professionals and hobbyists around the world.  You can join the project
by subscribing to our developer mail list.  Experience with software
development on Unix or Win32(NT/95) in C or Java are useful.  Technical
writers could also help to more quickly develop documentation.

--CHANGES file from 0.9.10----------------------------------------------------
JServ 0.9.10 - February 13, 1998
(Ed Korthof, Ian Kluft, Jon Stevens, Francis J. Lacoste, Hanan Herzog,
 Stefano Mazzocchi)
- updated Apache::Servlet perl module to catch up with protocol tweaks (IK)
- Fixed Makefile to install JavaDoc files for either JDK 1.1 or 1.2 (IK)
- Added properties to control autoreload behavior.
- Added a workaround for SimpleDateFormat bug. (FLJ)
- Added simple timeout on write lock before destroying servlet. (FLJ)
- Fixed deprecated error in (JSS)
- Fixed some javadoc compilation errors (JSS)
- Closed zip file to prevent leaking file descriptors. (Hanan Herzog).
- implemented session handling and jsdk 1.1 stuff (FLJ)
- bundled Sun's 1.1 jsdk.
- added missing javadoc-generated files to the Makefile (IK)
- added sample EnvDumpServlet (IK)
- getRequestURI() uses REQUEST_URI if available (Vincent Partington)
- GATEWAY_INTERFACE now reports JServ version instead of CGI version (IK)
- Added pseudo-attribute "attribute_names" (IK, Vincent Partington)
- Fixed attribute prefixes to be "org.apache.jserv" to match the classes
  (Vincent Partington)
- Fixed strtok problem in readConfigByStdin()
- Renamed to (JSS)
- Added Apache::Servlet Perl5 module so mod_perl can call Java Servlets (IK)
- Remove newlines in Servlet-Logs lines (logging data) sent to Apache (SM)
- Changed LIFO order to FIFO for logging data (SM)
- Remove newlines from headers in general

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