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From Daniel Veillard <>
Subject Re: HTTP-NG
Date Wed, 11 Feb 1998 04:18:14 GMT

> I don't support going off on our own, and I doubt many people here would
> either.  Standards are good.  Vendors trying to force a standard by means
> of market share is bad and often doesn't work well.  I fully support
> standards.  Right now, that means the W3C.  I understand the desire to

 And IETF,  don't forget it, especially for HTTP !

> keep the size of groups down.  We face the same problems, only difference
> is we don't have a choice of saying these people must spend this much time
> on it.
> But I have to tell you, that if HTTP-NG gets bogged down defining a new
> standard in object mumbo jumbo (not implying it isn't important) then a
> whole lot of people, including me, may end up with no choice but to try
> to do something that makes my network happy.  HTTP right now doesn't.

 Hum, that's at least three times that you raised the point of you network
geing unhappy. What are you looking for ? What are the axis you consider
that HTTP is failing using the network ?

   - connections
   - packet number/size
   - what else ...

 Is this a global reproach to the Web (protocol + content) or just to HTTP.
You ain't shy, expose yourself ;-)


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