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From Daniel Veillard <>
Subject Re: W3C <-> Apache
Date Wed, 11 Feb 1998 01:04:51 GMT

> Come, come - let's try to work together towards a means of
> collaboration and extending mutual trust and respect.  Enough
> self-righteousness - on both sides.

  Thanks Ken !
I'm used to see this kind of passionate debates and flame wars
in this mailing-list, for sure Apache was build with strong
ideas in mind, but being at the center isn't a nice place... 
> Henryk, I think several of the Apache developers would like to
> be involved in HTTP-NG design/evolution.  However, they probably
> can none of them dedicate 50% of their time.  Will W3C cut them some
> slack?  Is 50% of someone's time who can barely spell HTTP worth
> more to W3C than 5% of Roy's, Marc's, Jim's, Dean's, ... time?

  That's a good start, it would certainly help a lot that the
apache group select one or two persons who would like to represent
the group and to discuss with me or Henrik how to establish useful


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