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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject Re: HTTP-NG
Date Mon, 09 Feb 1998 05:57:29 GMT
> From: Marc Slemko <>
> One of the features is to allow multiplexed streams, right?  Nothing
> useful on the w3 site on it, but it appears that is still the plan. [...]

You're right.   They made it hard to find, even if you just want a hint of
what it'll look like.

The Java-Apache Project evaluated HTTP-NG's MUX protocol last month for
upgrading the protocol used by mod_jserv to communicate with the back-end
Java servlet engine (which we are now referring to as the Apache JServ).
Using one of the big search engines, we found the Aug 25, 1997 draft of MUX.

It was enough to determine it was too much overhead for what we needed.
However, we made a note that the Apache Group would probably be interested
eventually.  Here's what we found...
Ian Kluft  KO6YQ PP-ASEL                                  Cisco Systems, Inc. (work) (home)          San Jose, CA

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