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From Daniel Veillard <>
Subject Re: HTTP-NG
Date Mon, 09 Feb 1998 04:35:59 GMT

  Hi all,

 I'm part of the HTTP-NG project, and I also follow the new-http for
a few months. I'm interested in two topics concerning Apache, first I
use Apache for the HTTP-NG testbed, and I am also interested in WebDav
support for Apache.

> >Is work on http-ng progressing?
> W3C and Xerox PARC's ILU team are working on it with the presupposition
> that making HTTP look more like CORBA is a good thing.

  Don't give the false impression that NG will be close to CORBA design,
we are making progress on the whole NG architecture, but things are not
stable enough to redistribute too much informations on NG yet. But we
will definitely try to give more information at the next IETF and WWW7.

> >Does it have much support?
> Still restricted to the dev group.  I think they are going in the wrong
> direction.  So does Rohit Khare, who is now a grad student here at UCI.
> Most of what they have done so far is pretty generic (e.g., filling-out
> the specifics of a MUX layer).

  Roy, please forward your comment to the NG mailing-list, we will be happy
to hear from you. 

> >Any rough timelines on it?
> Nope.

  Yep June 97, at that time we will give an answer to the initial question
whether an object-oriented model is suitable for HTTP and will allow a better
evolution of the protocol. Maybe no, maybe yes, in both case we will
justify our answer with more than words ... 

> >Any comments on what all will be included that could require consideration
> >for 2.0?
> A protocol-independent core and multithreaded abstraction and stream I/O.
> In other words, what we knew would be needed all along.

  The goal is to be able to run HTTP apps on top of HTTP-NG so we shouldn't
need absolute change in the API to have NG into Apache. Just keep a good
layered API for all the protocol stuff, avoid mixing the calls to the
network API and raw write to streams, and it should be Ok.

> >Are you involved at all Roy?
> No, but I do have read-only access to the mailing list and documents
> they are producing.  Unfortunately, I can't just post them.

  I can certainly serve for Apache <-> NG groups communication.


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