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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject We ain't the only guys :)
Date Fri, 06 Feb 1998 16:47:48 GMT wrote:
> Reports of Perl's death are greatly exaggerated.
> Don't give up, good people, just because there's been disagreement and
> strife.  We still have common cause against the onslaught of greedy
> and short-sighted commercial interests who don't want free software to
> take hold in the popular mind.  (Of course, there are many commercial
> interests that are *not* greedy and short-sighted; you may work for
> one.  They support us.  But I digress.)
> Stick to the work.  For all our disagreements, there are larger
> issues.  We have enemies -- those would would (perhaps in ignorance)
> sabotage the usability and enjoyability of our programming.
> Don't let them win.

See, we all have these sorts of things happen... We tend to forget
that :)

      Jim Jagielski            |       jaguNET Access Services           |
            "Look at me! I'm wearing a cardboard belt!"

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