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From Michael Douglass <>
Subject Re: apache/linux modules
Date Wed, 04 Feb 1998 08:08:31 GMT
On Mon, Feb 02, 1998 at 08:54:09PM -0500, Cristian Gafton said:

> ./Configure is broken, as far as I am concerned. having to EDIT source
> files to get stuff installed where I want is a broken thing. 

Let me get this straight... Modifying a commented text file (Configuration)
in order to compile apache is broken because you have to edit the file...
Yes listing --opt1 --opt2 ... --opt99 ISN'T???

Hah!  I would _much_ rather have Apache's current method of configuring
what modules I want, etc.  Now, it would be nice if it took care to do
all the cflags and libs that I need by itself in some type of autoconf
deal.  But I would _never_ agree that autoconf alone would make apache
easier to compile, if anything it would drive many a person to distraction.

Michael Douglass
Texas Networking, Inc.

<tnet admin> anyway, I'm off, perl code is making me [a] crosseyed toady

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