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From Alan DeKok <>
Subject Re: Contributed modules
Date Tue, 03 Feb 1998 03:00:51 GMT
> As I told you in both public and private email, the Module
> Registry is being maintained. The fact that it is not being
> maintained to your satisfaction is not my problem.

  I've never intended my comments as personal put-downs, though you've
interpreted them as such.  I'm sorry if you've taken them personally,
they were not meant that way.

  My "personal satisfaction" has little to do with the maintenance of
the registry.  You've repeatedly said that the registry is being
maintained, and submissions have been repeatedly ignored.  I've
pointed out the dichotomy, and you've gotten upset at me.

>  I've asked you to resubmit your information or mail it to me
> privately.

  The mailto: link for submitting modules goes to an address which
bounces, and the CGI form doesn't seem to save any information.

  In any case, I resubmitted the information after our last discussion
on apache-modules a month ago.  I've submitted it again today.  I'm
guardedly optimistic for the future.

> I would not support duplication of this project in another
> place.

  Neither would I.  But I don't view a maintained registry as a
duplication of an unmaintained one.

  I repeat, if you have insufficient time to update the registry, I
will be happy to do so, either under your supervision, or on my own.
If my attitude is "unsatisfactory" to you, I'm not sure what else you
would have me do.

  Alan DeKok.

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