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From Alan DeKok <>
Subject Re: Contributed modules
Date Tue, 03 Feb 1998 01:51:46 GMT
  [ some off-line exchanges later ... ]

Randy Terbush <> wrote:
> I know of only one module registry that did not make it into
> the database which was discussed on the apache-modules list.
> I've corrected that. If you have a module to register, I 
> would ask that you do so that it can be moved into the 
> registry.

  I have done this, 4 times now within the past 3 months, and have
discussed the module on apache-modules.  I have not seen any new
modules listed since October.  As I noted before, there were others on
apache-modules who have had the same difficulties.

  If I create a backup Module Registry list, can it be referenced from
the "Apache Module Registry" entry on the related projects page?  I
dislike duplicating other people's work, but I also dislike seeing
effort go wasted.

  Alan DeKok.

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