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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <>
Subject Re: Comanche alpha
Date Mon, 02 Feb 1998 21:14:53 GMT said:
> >>But before you can administer it you have to have a web server running :-)
> No big deal. The netscape server just had a bootstrap web server
> for configuration of the initial installation.

Yes you are right. I have experience working with netscape Servers (very
little) and IIS 3.0 (much more). I did not like the web interface, though but
this is just my very personal opinion.

> It was a really good idea. Even microsoft's web server can be
> configured using a web interface.

Yes, it is a good idea. One of the reasons for writing Apache was to encourage
other people to either help improving it or write their own GUI.
I think it would be great if people started to get involved in such a project
I myself have started to think about making it in tcl-tk (you know that when
you have a hammer everything looks like a nail, it is not my fault I like
Tcl-Tk :-) to take advantage of some coding I have already done. Since we
have already mod_perl, it could be done also in perl. It would be good if we
could agree in some kind of backend module and protocol in the server so the
remote client could be written in whatever language.

I would like also to hear what does people actually thinks of the interface
and how it should be done (either in java, tcl or whatever...) what kind of
features, etc... 

What does everybody else thinks?




Daniel Lopez Ridruejo        "When men were men and wrote their own drivers"
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