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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/ap Makefile.tmpl
Date Mon, 02 Feb 1998 21:05:40 GMT
Ken wrote,
>   Log:
>   	Phase 2 of moving the .h files into src/include.. modify the scripts
>   	and Makefiles that reference them.

You actually did MOVE the CVS files from one directory into the other?
(Or why didn't the apache-cvs list receive the appropriate delete/add
messages)? That's usually not the way to go because this way your're
"faking history". For someone who tries to get the apache tree of,
say, Jan 01 1998, he'll now be unable to compile (because the files are no
longer in the directories where they were back then).

Therefore, the safest procedure, history-wise, is to

    mv ap/xxxx.h ap/yyy.h   include/
    cvs rm ap/xxxx.h ap/yyy.h
    cvs add include/xxxx.h include/yyy.h
    cvs ci ap/xxxx.h ap/yyy.h include/xxxx.h include/yyy.h

This way, there's no "time warp", and the files in include/ are
created only for time stamps from the beginning of their existance
in that directory (not their "previous lives" as ap/*.h).

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