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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject RE: netscape free source info
Date Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:00:57 GMT
On Tuesday, February 10, 1998 5:53 PM, Marc Slemko [] 
> It includes:
>           We are still finalizing the details of the license terms and
>           have not yet settled on a specific licensing agreement.  We are
>           evaluating the GPL agreement, but are also evaluating the BSD
>           and Apache style agreements as well as other potential models.
>           We're not aware of any prior mainstream commercial product
>           going to free source, so we are breaking new ground here. But
>           we do have a firm commitment to make the source freely
>           available, and will attempt to make details of the license
>           available as soon as possible.

I think iD has released the sources to Wolf 3D and Doom; I believe the sources
to Descent I and II are also available. Pretty "mainstream commercial" if you
ask me.


David D'Antonio CNE -
 Some they do and some they don't and some ya just can't tell
  Some they will and some they won't and some it's just as well

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