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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: NT Questions
Date Sat, 24 Jan 1998 00:43:35 GMT
>Ben Laurie wrote:
>> Alexei Kosut wrote:
>> >
>> > I thought it was because you (Ben) discovered that the fd-passing thing we
>> > do with CGI scripts didn't work unless the code was in a seperate DLL, if
>> > the child stuff was called from another DLL (a module). But I may be
>> > inventing memories.
>> I thought that was because you and the modules had to use the DLLed MS
>> libraries, not coz we had to DLL the core.
>> > If that's not the case, I definitely think we should get rid of
>> > ApacheCore.dll and export the symbols from Apache.exe.
>> Fine by me :-)
>Whoa!  I don't remember the details, but I'm *reasonably* sure the
>ApacheCore.dll was created or proposed by Alexei, and had to do with
>symbol exporting (and possibly the LoadModule stuff).  I think a
>review of the archives from June/July is definitely called for; there
>was about a week's worth of discussion on this ISTR.
>#ken	P-)}

The discussion is in nh9707.  If I read between the lines it was
stated at that time that you could dynamicly link against an EXE, but
another poster said that the "NT way" was to have a small exe and a
big DLL.  (That way when the justice dept comes after you you can
offer not to ship the exe :-))  In anycase if you poke around on an
NT box you find that few exe files are big, most are small and there
is some huge dll hanging around someplace.  Netscape
is one of the few examples that doesn't do it that way.  I wish
I knew somebody I who's a native on this platform to tell me
what the natives do.  I'm only slightly interested in why but it
strikes me as good to "when in rome do as the romans do" otherwise
they look at you funny and then say "well, yeah, but he's got

   - ben h.

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