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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject [BUG?] Send body lost connection...
Date Sat, 03 Jan 1998 14:41:46 GMT

please take a look at the following PRs:

- PR#1119
- PR#1555
- PR#1596

All PRs are about the following two error log entries (1.2.3-1.3b3):

  send body lost connection to: Broken pipe
  send body lost connection to client foobar

I know that these messages are - up to a certain limit - normal, but
the submitters of PR#1555/1596 are talking about 'excessive' of such
messages and 'PR#1119' says that these errors are in most cases
(if not all) accompanied by clients seeing broken images (that was
the original reason why he submitted the PR).

- all PRs are from Solaris users using 2.4-2.6 (maybe a Solaris problem?)
- the standard Solaris /dev/tcp tunings haven't solved the problem
- a larger Timeout value seems to have no impact on the problem
  (AFAIR I had a privat conversation with the submitter of PR#1119 about
- The submitter of PR#1555 notes that the errors are NOT caused by
  'slow' clients (e.g. clients accessing the server via a slow connection).
- Turning off keep-alive seems to reduce the frequency of the errors

What do you think? Is this a bug (Solaris, broken clients or Apache?)
or just normal error log entries (but what about PR#1119 and the broken
P.S.: One of my servers is a Solaris box and I'm seeing a lot of those
      'lost connection' errors too, but I always thought that they are
      caused by 'slow' clients and I never worried about them.
      What amount of the errors can be considered normal and what

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