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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: can anyone explain how to add modules to win32 build?
Date Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:26:09 GMT
On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Marc Slemko wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Ben Laurie wrote:
> > Do you mean so that they build as part of the ApacheCore build, or do
> > you mean more of the existing scheme?
> I'm being sarcastic and saying that having to go through two zillion steps
> for each new .dll that I want to generate is a very dumb thing to do
> compared to the nice easy Unix way of being able to just cp whatever it is
> you have to use and edit the few places that need editing.

Yep, you've hit the biggest problem with Windows: you can't automate
anything. Well, you can do some things, but there are always things you
just cannot automate. Even with nice things like perl. That's the real
reason that I wouldn't use an NT server in real live (even more than
performance and stability reasons). And I'm sure sooner or later someone
has *got* to see through the nice GUI and "cheaper to adminster" arguments
to see that administering NT is actually a lot more difficult than Unix. 

Then again they haven't so far, and IS department just higher more NT
gophers to do the donkey work of repetative tasks. Dumb.


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