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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.2.5 Win32 CYGWIN32 support patch
Date Mon, 26 Jan 1998 20:53:37 GMT
Some comments, in addition to what Brian said, although I'm not sure
you're on the development list so you may not have seen Brian's remarks.
I encourage you to join the development list and assist with the
win32 effort in 1.3.

- you should #define NO_KILLPG in conf.h rather than create another
definition in http_main.c.  In fact it looks like you didn't even provide
a conf.h section for CYGWIN32 at all.  This is the normal way to do a
port, there are a lot of examples in conf.h.

- portability patches should not include new features mixed in

- if you disable the longjmps as you have timeouts are completely broken,
this isn't exactly a good thing

- your patch does not deal with file system case-insensitivity, or 8.3
names... which makes it insecure

- you've removed the daemons_max_free test... and not replaced it with
anything... so the server won't respect MaxSpareServers

Unfortunately I really don't think we can accept this patch, it would make
the situation worse than it is now in my opinion.  Even some of our more
obscure ports for ancient unix platforms and mainframe platforms would be
more stable... and since win32 is such a wide-spread platform it would due
us harm to support it so poorly (in 1.2 that is). 

But I did notice one thing that the other win32 folks here should check on:

+    /*
+     * CAUTION: Security leak on Win32 systems in the next if statement.
+     *          Clients may override document_root by /.......
+     */
+                                                       /* _###_ by ST. */
     if (allow_opts & OPT_INDEXES)
+        /*
+         * Check for /..... overriding for Win32. A maximum of 2 dots
+         * is allowed,  if more dots are within the path deny
+         * access to index. Seems to work.
+         */
+#ifdef CYGWIN32                                        /* _###_ by ST. */
+        if (strstr(r->filename, "...") != NULL) {
+            log_reason ("Directory index forbidden by rule", r->filename, r);
+            return HTTP_FORBIDDEN;
+        } else return index_directory (r, d);
         return index_directory (r, d);

I remember this from DOS days, you could use a whack of ..... to go up
a bunch of directories.  I wasn't aware this always worked... but maybe
it works on win95.  I don't think we currently test for this in 1.3.


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