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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: NT to do list
Date Sat, 10 Jan 1998 03:47:39 GMT

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Ben Hyde wrote:

>   Files are not being MMAP'd to send them, it maybe that
>   "TransmitFile" would be best.

The buff interface doesn't directly support this... so it'll require a
hack.  I'm not sure the cleanest way to do it.  I think there should be a
btransmit_file() function which implemented everything the best way on all
platforms.  But to do that right we need to know the details of the
TransmitFile() interface, and should probably look at SGI's similar
function in IRIX... and Solaris'. 

Please tell me TransmitFile takes two descriptors and an amount to

>   The situation with http-main.c being so divergent between
>   the Unix and the Windows cases concerns me.  The patch
>   to give Window's a pid log file is typcial of the
>   kinds of things I assume are falling thru the cracks.

I'd like it to be split up into multiple files, but I know you disagree. 
I fear a #ifdef zoo worse than what we already have.  I think that both
windows and unix should share the same main(), which should direct things
like initializing alloc, parsing the command line/whatever, and parsing
the config file.  Then it should proceed through a standard main process
initialization, followed by calls into the win32 and unix specific code
which start the daemons. 

I think the win32 and unix specific code should be in distinct files. 
They present an API to the external world, but they don't really share a
lot of stuff in common except for initialization and re-initialization. 

>   Make tee shirts.



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