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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: and while I'm pissing people off (fwd)
Date Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:29:26 GMT

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Gregory A Lundberg wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Ian Kluft wrote:
> > As far as I can see in the archive, when you submitted a patch in November
> > it was acknowledged immediately although only part of it was used and
> > the rest of the patch was replaced with rewrite work of their own.  Are you
> > complaining that they didn't use your whole patch?  They definitely didn't
> > ignore you.
> Used?  Where.

It's in apache 1.3b4-dev (the current HEAD), and I posted the patch I was
going to make here for voting.  The umask was not touched for reasons I
mentioned:  portability, and the fact that it can be solved by setting the
umask in whatever script used to launch apache.  But the group permissions
problems are fixed.  From CHANGES: 

  *) Move the gid switching code into the child so that log files
     and pid files are opened with the root gid.
     [Gregory A Lundberg <>]

This likely won't be fixed in 1.2 soon because it was actually a
re-ordering to how the server does things... and that has bitten us in the

  I don't see it in any STATUS updates and, since it effected
> security, I half-way expected it to appear in 1.2.5.  I'd seen voting on
> patches from people who didn't have commit rights and sorta expected to
> see something like that with mine.  Instead I get a "yeah, we should fix
> that" on half my patch.  Should I come up with a way of leveraging root
> through the PID file so it qualifies for 1.2.6?  Enough about my patch ..
> it was my first attempt, and made more to get a feel for the openness of
> the Group than for its own merits.  I leave the results to each of you to
> decide.

No need to come up with a way to leverage root.  It's a problem that
exists with any of the log files and has a trivial solution:  correct
umask, and correct permissions on $SERVER_ROOT/logs.  If the directory
doesn't have group write, and the umask doesn't allow group write there's
no damage done.  We at least document the directory permissions for
$SERVER_ROOT/logs now on the website (but not in the docs supplied with
apache 1.2.5, but it seems few people read the docs that come with the
tarball based on the huge number of questions we get about 1.3 features
doc'd on the site).

> > When I submitted mod_mime_magic, I was surprised about how quickly it was
> > accepted as part of 1.3.  I'm not a group member so I don't think there's a
> > discrimination issue.  It sounds like it was an unfair suggestion.
> So "cool" ideas make it and small, incremental fixes don't?  My comments
> are not based on my single experience.  They're based on watching the
> traffic on this list for months and the general feeling I've gotten from
> that experience.

I think your experience is off because you haven't seen apache-cvs and I'm
guessing haven't looked at the 1.3 betas.  I may be wrong.  Search through
the 1.3 src/CHANGES file for email addresses -- all the "non-core" folks
have their addresses in there... and most folks at least have their
address attached to their first change.  We usually credit the folks who
point out the bugs, especially if they gave a solution... even if we
didn't use the solution. 

A side note about that LynxOS thing.  In Apache 1.3b3: 

  *) PORT: Update the LynxOS port.  [Marius Groeger <>]

So it's there... it's just not in 1.2 where the author expected it.  We're
really conservative about what goes into our stable versions.


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