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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apachen STATUS
Date Thu, 08 Jan 1998 21:16:55 GMT

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> What sort of group or team actually works by letting all the members do
> whatever the flark they want?

Stuff that I've worked on using an inhouse developed RCS wrapper that
provides CVS-like features:

WATCOM.  The C and fortran compilers, the C libraries, the linker, the
profiling tools, and all the other assorted language tools.

Stuff that I've worked on using CVS in which this is the rule: 

arctic.  10 developers, 120k lines of code.  This MUD project is 6 years
old now, and has been using CVS since before remote CVS, when we had to
hack up tarball scripts to do things remotely. 

transmeta.  I can't tell you how many developers and how much code. 

Other related stuff: 

The "vger" CVS repository for experimental linux development.  6+
developers.  Code development and review happens and then is submitted to
Linus for inclusion in the mainstream kernel.

FreeBSD.  OpenBSD.  NetBSD. 

You either trust your fellow developers or you don't.  It's clear we


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