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From Gregory A Lundberg <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apachen STATUS
Date Fri, 09 Jan 1998 03:33:18 GMT
On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:



[LINK] bug databse
  Access denied .. it seems I'm not an 'insider'.  We're off to a good
  start.  Here I thought I'd find a reported bug and have something useful
  to work on and actually help out.

[LINK] mailing lists
  Directory index, scads of gz files .. maybe I'll grab em all, expand 'em
  and read 'em?

[LINK] Apache Project Plan
  Nice outline.

[LINK] Rules About Voting
  Oh good.  I was wondering where those were.

[LINK] Style Guide

[LINK] Note on the API
  I'll download and print it tomorrow.

[LINK] How to Build Binary Distributions
  Someday, maybe.

[LINK] Rolling Release Tarballs
  Someday, maybe.

[LINK] A Shell Script to Build a Binary Release
  Someday, maybe.

[LINK] A record of changes to module magic numbers
  Whatever those are.  The API notes will prolly tell me.

[LINK] Random notes about using CVS and maintaining the Apache Site.
  I don't use CVS and can't maintain the site .. but look! there's the
  reference to the from-cvs directory.  Good thing you seemed so sure it
  was here, if I were just browsing, I'd probably have missed it.

[LINK] To-do list last updated Jun 1996
  I peeked 'cause I'm going through the entire site .. looks like it's so
  old it should be deleted, though.

[LINK] Latest source tree
  I'll get that with the from-cvs so I won't burn any more cycles in

[LINK] Instruction on using anoncvs

[LINK] Instructions on developers access via CVS
  Maybe, someday.

[LINK] Web-based access to the CVS tree.
  Interesting.  But again, why burn the cycles?  I'll ftp a tarball and
  can browse locally a lot faster.

Mailing lists
  Looks interesting but from the way it's worded I'll bet it's a closed

  Yep, it's referenced there too.

Now the big question .. how was I supposed to know even ran
a web site?  I don't think I've seen it linked from and I
just grep'd the docs from the 1.2.5 source tarball and there's nothing
there.  I suppose lurking on the new-httpd list would eventually expose
its existance (hey, it worked today for me).  Maybe everyone who'd like to
muck arround with the server will lurk for months until someone drops a



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