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From Gregory A Lundberg <>
Subject Re: and while I'm pissing people off (fwd)
Date Fri, 09 Jan 1998 02:26:59 GMT
On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Randy Terbush wrote:

> > It's there; clearly it's not documented well enough, hmm.  Maybe we should
> > mention it in the new-httpd welcome message.
> > 
> > It's at, subscribe using "", with
> > the words "subscribe apache-cvs" in the body of the message.
> > 
> > Come to think of it, we may benefit from "fresh blood" if we open our
> > development process up a teensy little bit by putting a page describing the
> > new-httpd mailing list on  Seems as though the development
> > lists for most other projects are not "kept a secret" as much as new-httpd
> > is from Apache users.  Of course we're all worried about folks mistaking
> > "new-httpd" for "apache-bugs" or
> > "apache-smart-folks-who-can-help-me-avoid-reading-docs-to-solve-my-problem@a
> >", but with a strongly worded message I'm sure we can filter out
> > most of those folks.
> I would argue (there I go again :-) ) that the current level of publicness
> is adequate. One of the problems affecting participation is the volume
> that this list has grown to. I can't imagine it growing more. It is hard
> to read enough of the list each day to stay current enough on what is
> happening to offer an informed opinion.

the web site (non-existant, or almost so) is adequate.  Let the web site
point people toward apache-bugs and reference sites/organizations where
support is available.

I found the list by -- guess what -- reading the release notes.  If
apache-cvs had been mentioned there I'd certainly have subscribed.  The
'how to help out' section is old and out-of-date and needs more info for
newbies who are planning on rock'n and roll'n with the Group.

> > >Unless some of the Group members make the
> > >effort to commit non-commit members patches, natural attrition will lead
> > >to a critical shortage of programmers with the inclination to contribute
> > >and the necessary experience with the code to make substantive changes.
> > 
> > Absolutely agreed.
> I might also add (and it should probably be documented) that adding
> [PATCH] to the Subject: will help to get it noticed rather than seeing
> it get buried in the rest of the list.

Been there.  Tried that.  The silence was deafening (cf., LynxOS message
earlier today .. not my work, but a Very Good(tm) example).


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