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From Gregory A Lundberg <>
Subject Re: voting
Date Thu, 08 Jan 1998 14:54:10 GMT
On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Ian Kluft wrote:

> > > Maybe call it the "temporary accelerated development" privilege or something
> > > like that.  If the idea is adopted, it should probably be codified as an
> > > amendment to the voting procedures.
> > 
> > Rome tried this a few thousand years ago.  The job title is "Ceasar".  It
> > worked for a while but eventually led to the downfall of the Republic and
> > the rise of the Empire.
> Nice try.  But that analogy falls apart so fast that I wonder if you read
> the part about responsibilities coming with the privilege?  If anyone
> (or several people) were to be granted the privilege, the idea as stated
> so far would be that it's temporary and they'd still have to report to the
> list what they do with the privilege.  Hardly sounds like an emperor!
> How about a more serious comment...  It was a serious suggestion.

That is a serious comment.  Why don't you check your history books?  Rome
had exactly those rules.  Their history shows that eventually they will be


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