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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject just use md5 for win32?
Date Mon, 12 Jan 1998 06:45:23 GMT
Should we just use md5 for win32 and skip crypt?

It means that htpasswd files can't be transferred from unix.  Do other NT
servers use htpasswd files?  What do they use?  Is it worth taking extra
effort to make existing crypt()ed files (at least from some platforms)

It means we don't need to worry about DES export restrictions (although
Walnut Creek's lawyers said no problems so FreeBSD is doing it I _think_,
probably should look into it).

It means we don't have to add crypt.

I have a test setup working here using md5 on win32 and it works fine.  It
is, however, a royal pain to make htpasswd compile to use the md5 stuff.
And I mean a _pain_.  Part of that is probably just me not expected such
braindead compilation systems though.

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