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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: NT to do list
Date Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:16:23 GMT
Oops, don't double click in the wrong place in MS's infoviewer or it

I can't send the whole bit since it is copyrighted, but:

BOOL TransmitFile(     SOCKET hSocket, 
    HANDLE hFile, 
    DWORD nNumberOfBytesToWrite, 
    DWORD nNumberOfBytesPerSend, 
    LPOVERLAPPED lpOverlapped, 
    LPTRANSMIT_FILE_BUFFERS lpTransmitBuffers, 
    DWORD dwFlags 
It isn't clear if it starts sending from the current position in
the file or if it goes to the start before sending... I would hope
it would send from the current position, but...

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Ben Hyde wrote:
> >   Files are not being MMAP'd to send them, it maybe that
> >   "TransmitFile" would be best.
> The buff interface doesn't directly support this... so it'll require a
> hack.  I'm not sure the cleanest way to do it.  I think there should be a
> btransmit_file() function which implemented everything the best way on all
> platforms.  But to do that right we need to know the details of the
> TransmitFile() interface, and should probably look at SGI's similar
> function in IRIX... and Solaris'. 
> Please tell me TransmitFile takes two descriptors and an amount to
> transfer. 
> >   The situation with http-main.c being so divergent between
> >   the Unix and the Windows cases concerns me.  The patch
> >   to give Window's a pid log file is typcial of the
> >   kinds of things I assume are falling thru the cracks.
> I'd like it to be split up into multiple files, but I know you disagree. 
> I fear a #ifdef zoo worse than what we already have.  I think that both
> windows and unix should share the same main(), which should direct things
> like initializing alloc, parsing the command line/whatever, and parsing
> the config file.  Then it should proceed through a standard main process
> initialization, followed by calls into the win32 and unix specific code
> which start the daemons. 
> I think the win32 and unix specific code should be in distinct files. 
> They present an API to the external world, but they don't really share a
> lot of stuff in common except for initialization and re-initialization. 
> >   Make tee shirts.
> ;)
> Dean

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