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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Only in apache_1.2.4/htdocs/manual/misc: known_client_problems.html
Date Tue, 06 Jan 1998 02:22:57 GMT
why isn't known_client_problems in 1.2.5?  Not worth rerolling I don't
think... unless... perhaps... no.

Hmm, did Dean mess it up sometime?

dgaudet     97/11/01 16:19:48

  Modified:    htdocs/manual Tag: APACHE_1_2_X LICENSE
                        content-negotiation.html custom-error.html
                        dns-caveats.html env.html host.html index.html
                        install.html invoking.html man-template.html
                        multilogs.html new_features_1_0.html
                        new_features_1_1.html new_features_1_2.html
                        process-model.html suexec.html vhosts-in-depth.html
               htdocs/manual/misc Tag: APACHE_1_2_X API.html FAQ.html
                        client_block_api.html compat_notes.html
                        fin_wait_2.html nopgp.html perf-bsd44.html
                        perf-dec.html perf.html security_tips.html
               htdocs/manual/mod Tag: APACHE_1_2_X core.html
                        mod_actions.html mod_auth_anon.html
                        mod_auth_dbm.html mod_cern_meta.html mod_cgi.html
                        mod_env.html mod_example.html mod_imap.html
                        mod_include.html mod_mime.html mod_negotiation.html
                        mod_proxy.html mod_status.html
  Removed:     htdocs/manual/misc Tag: APACHE_1_2_X
  forget it, revert the last two changes

it has 1.2.2-4 tags in and isn't in Attic, but has no 1.2 branch 

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