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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject pass off sending to select loop?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 1998 05:23:43 GMT
Has anyone looked at passing off connections to a seperate process via
descriptor passing, then that processes multiplexes sending for however
many descriptors you want?

That way the main httpd process only handles reading the request, doing
the processing up to the point where the headers are sent, then it gets
out of it if it is a simple static request that send_fd can handle.

The obvious problem is that some phases of the API get tossed out the
window.  Things as basic as logging work very differently or have a
different meaning (eg. a log message could log an unknown size which
indicates that the file may or may not have been sent and may be any
size).  The user has to be willing to lose that functionality in return
for less processes. 

Also, descriptor passing is too slow to be worth it for small requests,
but for a site with lots of reasonably sized files this would be a win I

On a threaded system, this could just be another thread which is better
because it avoids relatively slow descriptor passing.

This looks like a kindof cool idea to me.  Some other servers already do
it.  Basic implementation isn't that hard.

I'm playing with a proof of concept implementation and am starting to have
something that looks like it may partly work with some more effort... 

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