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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject mod_speling (fwd)
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1998 17:28:35 GMT
The below is a valid issue, but I'm not sure that returning a full path is
the right answer.  A "../foo" may be better.

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>Subject: mod_speling
>Date: Tue, 31 Dec 97 15:11:00 GMT
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In toying around with mod_speling under apache 1.3b3 I noticed a  

If you have two directories with similar names mod_speling presents  
you a page on which to choose the correct one. Depending on the way  
you requested the directory (with or without trailing /) it works as  
it should or you get stuck in a logical loop.

e.g. /.../AKs/

if you request /.../AKS
the resulting pages presents <A HREF="AKs"> and <A HREF="aks">
Choosing either one will get you to the right directory.

_but_ if you request /.../AKS/
the resulting pages _still_ presents <A HREF="AKs"> and <A HREF="aks">

Now this is interpreted as
which is of course wrong and will present you again with a page to  
choose from. This again has the same problem and so on and on...

IMHO mod_speling should present the _absolute_ path to the  
alternatives to choose from e.g. '/.../AKs/' instead of 'AKs'.

My 'production' system still features apache 1.2.4 so I can't give an  
URL for you to test this behaviour.
I nonetheless hope that you can figure out the problem and tell me, if  
my analysis is at least nearly correct.

Ciao, Robinton

So it is, it just is like it is. But why is it so? And has it to be  
like this?

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