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Subject Re: apache-2.0
Date Tue, 27 Jan 1998 23:33:17 GMT
> >But 2.0 won't be a complete rewrite and any attempt at starting from
> >scratch would be ill advised, IMHO.  We will never get anywhere.
> I disagree on all three points.  It will be a complete rewrite or it
> won't be called 2.0.  Starting from scratch is not what we are doing --
> we are simply starting with a clean slate.  And we will get a lot
> further, faster, and with less friction if we can easily distinguish
> the re-integrated software from stuff that's just lying around waiting
> for someone to check to see if it is totally broken.

Not that I have a lot of say here, but I agree with Roy.  If you are going
to call it 2.0, start from scratch.  Obviously you are going to borrow a
bunch of code from 1.3, but do it gradually and think about each piece that
you add.  Do you really need it?  Could it be done better?  Is it thread-safe?
This forces everyone to take a close look at everything and not to just 
continue on along the old path.  

I recently took this approach with the PHP 3.0 project.  A new core parser
was written.  Then like Lego we took bits and pieces from PHP 2.x and added
it on.  Many times just taking the concept but rewriting the code to better
fit with the overall strategy of 3.0.  A lot of things that were hacked into
2.x became well integrated parts of 3.0.  If we had started with 2.x and
tried to 'fix' it a lot of really messy code would have survived.


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