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Subject Re: Changing httpd.h
Date Mon, 26 Jan 1998 16:29:57 GMT
> Bumping the MMN wouldn't have kept your build from breaking; it's a
> run-time control, not a compile-time one.

Bumping the MMN alone never prevents a build from breaking.  But, in my
build process I check MMN for all sorts of stuff, and this could have
been one.  if MMN > whatever, add -I.../ap, for example.

> Of course, this issue would be a complete non-issue if we had
> a single src/include directory.  That's been proposed, and a
> couple of people have said it sounds like a good idea, but
> I'm still suspicious - what will the impact be on Win32, for instance?

This would make life easier on me.  Having to add -I's for src/main, 
src/os/unix and src/ap is a pain.


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