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Subject Re: Patch distribution and committing
Date Thu, 08 Jan 1998 22:49:54 GMT
> Now, all this may be moot for development releases and such, but a case
> could be made that The Apache Group has a responsibility to its vast
> userbase. :-) 

I don't think Apache built this user base on the basis of being big, slow and
conservative.  There is obviously a balance needed.  The team has a
responsibility to make sure that the code works and that we do not
make people upgrade every month.  But, I still say that the most
important part here are the developers.  They should be allowed to develop
as much as they want and as fast as they want.  Having someone tell a 
developer not to develop, or only to develop on Fridays between 7 and 8am
or to only develop certain things is not conducive to a nice working
environment.  And given the fact that we are a bunch of volunteers, a good
working environment is crucial.

If everything stays the way it is, I think we risk a split similar to
the NCSA->Apache split.  Things were looking gloomy for the NCSA project
so Apache was born by a bunch of free-spirited guys who wrote lots of cool
code.  Looking at NCSA and Apache today, there isn't much doubt as to which
group fared better.  Granted, the situation is much different, but I can
still see a bunch of guys probably headed by Dean getting fed up enough to
create a branch and go nuts on the code.  Whether or not such a project
would succeed is beside the point.  The point is that a united effort with
a reasonable compromise between stifling release control and free-wheeling
fun development is going to produce a better product than two disparate


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