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Subject Re: somethin amiss on Solaris
Date Thu, 08 Jan 1998 19:15:21 GMT
> Something has gone wrong in the current 1.3bX-dev, at least on Solaris.
> The symptoms are image loads never finishing for some children, usually
> stuck on 100%.  I think Rasmus reported the same last month (12/23).
> This is just a head's up notice, since I haven't had time to truss it
> and may not get a chance to today.

Yes, I was pretty sure it was something I had messed up in the PHP module,
but one of the PHP developers reported similar symptoms without the module.
I actually discounted this report since it seems much more pronounced on
my box when the PHP module is included.  I have gotten 4 separate bug 
reports from PHP3 users complaining about this exact problem.  Maybe it is
related to specific modules somehow?  I might be doing something in PHP
that triggers this, and perhaps one of the modules you are running is
doing something similar?  Which modules do you have active?  I would love
to solve this one.  Right now it is holding up the release of the next
PHP3 beta since I am not yet convinced that it isn't a PHP issue, or at
least an issue with one of the Apache API calls that PHP uses.


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