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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject RE: Adding new module callbacks.
Date Wed, 28 Jan 1998 20:41:46 GMT
I'm not optimistic about resolving the module API's problems by waiting
for a fine solution to burst forth from the mind of Zeus, but I do
it can be made to evolve by mortals attempting to act as God like as
possible.   DLL modules shouldn't have to recompile to run in 2.0.

I'm actually trying to play Tom Sawyer here, and get somebody to
try and paint this damn fence.  Maybe Alexei would like to run with
that proposal - implement a call back registery.  It sure would allow
a lot of frustration around the current situation to break out.

I've read everything in the archives for the last 6 months, and what I
see is six months with once a week something needed and an API
that can't move; not because 1.3 is in beta - but because it's too
hard to revise given the current design with it's static module dispatch

Many of the problems that Alexei enumerates are addressed in
my strawman proposal most of the others can be helped by adding
a little here and there.

Yeah painting fences is fun, it's thinking about it that's hard.

 - ben h.

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