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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject RE: CGI output caching
Date Tue, 27 Jan 1998 14:43:24 GMT
My customers say "CGI" when they mean "pages rendered on
the fly."  So when they ask about "caching CGI" they mean
"it sometimes takes a long time to render a page and
don't *YOU* do something so *I* don't have to build my own

In this light it seems a natural request to make of the raw
web server, i.e. that the web server would contain a caching
facility that modules may leverage.

In my current web server (the one I wrote) I provide this in a
very dumb, but easy to understand way.  While rendering a page the
may note that it is "stable" in which case it moves to disk first
and further requests won't bother the "module."  If the module
want's to declare it stale it notifies the server to flush all the
stable pages matching a pattern.

Sites who's content is 80% dynamic tend to trend to
rendering all their pages Dynamicly - since managing
N rendering frameworks gets tiresome.

Given this facility my users tend to cache all kinds of things
that the probably shouldn't.  But hey that's why they make

One last note about caching.  The file system on PCs is
often so chunky that one file per page is waste, so it's
cool if the cache can pack a mess of pages into a single

    - ben h.

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