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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Signalling an NT process.
Date Sat, 10 Jan 1998 20:59:27 GMT

This is all too weird.  I believe that it is impossible for user code
to force a signal into a thread.  There are lots of mechanisms in NT
look a little like they are going to do it, but having now reviewed them
all I don't think any are able to do this.  You either must arrange to
interrupt the thread when it waits, or you must fire up another thread
that runs at a higher priority.  Once you have the higher priority
thread running you can't force the lower priority thread to do any
computing on it's stack in it's quantum's unless it was designed
to allow it, and then only when it blocks.

So I'd propose having unblock_alarms poll to see if it should simulate
a signal.  Then let "apache-signal" awaken the process from it's
and finally use CreateRemoteThread, to fire a slightly higher priority
thread inside the process that sets the globals that the signal
uses, or takes drastic action when that's required.     Bogus, you bet.

Sorry I'm not providing code to implement this, I've got a project of
my own that's falling behind schedule.

 - ben hyde
"Process legitimizes outcome."

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