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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject NT to do list
Date Fri, 09 Jan 1998 12:41:04 GMT
In an attempt to get a list started this is what falls
out of my head if I shake it.

    N flavors mean N things to support and N things
      to decide the content of.
    Getting it all into CVS
  Instructions on running the server when the customer doesn't
  have admin. privs (i.e. most intranet PC users).

  Replacement for signal handling.  Paul's recent
  changes might cover this, when I glanced at the original
  they seemed to provide an named event that could be zapped 
  to inject the equivalent of signal, but not a tool to
  do the zapping.  - Doc to explain mechinism required.

  Shaking out the Service interface.

  Doc so one can say "RTFM", for oh so many tedious details
  that a pure PC person would be confused by.

  The mutex should be critical-regions, since the current
  design is creating a mess of OS calls that are unnecessary.

  Files are not being MMAP'd to send them, it maybe that
  "TransmitFile" would be best.

  Some performance testing is probably necessary :-).

  The situation with http-main.c being so divergent between
  the Unix and the Windows cases concerns me.  The patch
  to give Window's a pid log file is typcial of the
  kinds of things I assume are falling thru the cracks.

  A CGI example is sorely needed.  Buffering...

  I recall thinking, but don't recall specifics, that Paul's
  "[PATCH] a bundle of multithreading changes" was the first
  of a series.

  The doc explaining how to build from source needs work, or
  at least I had a hell of time getting it up and working.
  Oh, and possibly a pointer to a page explaining how to 
  setup CVS et. al. would be good.

  Mod_example isn't multithreaded yet.

  Doc and/or code needs to address the serialing of thread
  access to modules issue.

  I doubt that waking up every second is the "right" solution
  to the it won't shutdown problem.

  Of course the build doesn't link at this point.

  Doc, and understand, the "which user" is running the server.
  I suspect this involves some code revisions.

  Make tee shirts.


  PRs, isn't there one about file handle leaks?

  What to name the files should take a gross of messages to

  Doc about short/long file name handling.

 - ben
"The function of planning is so we all know the
plan from which we are deviating."

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