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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: somethin amiss on Solaris
Date Thu, 08 Jan 1998 19:46:18 GMT
>If you hit shift-reload a couple of times and watch the images in the
>upper right corner of page, you will see that the images on the port 81
>server takes a long time to finish, while the port 80 server is fine.

That exactly matches what I am seeing (though I'm getting no response
from your port 81 server).  I am not using PHP -- just the standard modules
plus mod_info and mod_status.  In any case, these are plain file requests
handled using mmap (only 16 syscalls per request).

I tried testing it with four children and parent all running truss.
It seems to be starvation of the first child created, since it
consistently hits the fifth in-line image on a server with 

StartServers 4
MinSpareServers 2
MaxSpareServers 4

Unfortunately, it is difficult to truss a newly created process
before the hicup stops.  Hmmm, maybe the problem is in the new
exponential startup stuff

BTW, I am also getting only 8 requests/second on a test setup that
normally handles over 60/second.  This problem is not in 1.2.X
(I just tested that as well).


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