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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: worth fixing "read headers forever" issue?
Date Sun, 04 Jan 1998 08:34:24 GMT
>I don't think I'd want this in the code unless it is able to return an
>error to the client and bail the rest of the request.  Hey Roy, rfc2068 is
>lacking a "request headers too large" response.  There's 413 and 414 but
>neither applies to this specific case.  Although I suppose this is really
>a server error, so a 500 is fine. 

I usually consider it a browser error, since there has to be something
weird going on for it ever to hit our limits.  A 500 would be used if
the headers were being read from a CGI.  Yeah, I know another 4xx code
is needed --- I mentioned it a couple years ago at one of the meetings,
but it got lost in the transition.  We can use 400 for now, assuming
you figure out a way to send an error from that routine.  As I recall,
it would be difficult to do that without creating a canned response,
or removing a lot of assumptions from die().

>get_mime_headers isn't part of the API so you should be able to change its
>return value easily.  Make it static while yer at it ;)
>You don't have to eat excess or anything special, you just need to have
>die(500, r) be called and let it bail all the way into lingering_close I

You just need to make sure it kills the connection.


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