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From Stuart Waldron <>
Subject Re: performance comparison
Date Tue, 06 Jan 1998 21:43:44 GMT
Even the parameters of the test are variable. Both SpecWeb and WebStone allow
one to tinker with the ratio of calls. Most I've been able to drag out of those
who have run the test is the average GET is for 7k. I would suggest someone in
the Apache group propose a SpecWeb configuration (size of files, frequency,
etc.) for consistency in various Apache based tests. We're planning some large
scale tests on TPF (with our mainframe port) in the coming months and would
appreciate the ability to compare results as much as possible (given that
benchmark results are for the gullible anyway).

Related to this issue. We have been looking ways for an alternate test as well.
TPF does I/O very efficiently so we could easily support web sites terabytes in
size. Given that WebStone or Specweb test pages can all fit in cache, this is
not much of an indicator of I/O capability. We hope to alter the test to use
the same ratios but spread across larger range of physical files.

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To: @ internet
Subject: Re: performance comparison

Since it depends so much on your setup I suggest just doing it with and
without your caching module and see what you get.  I've never actually had
the proper test network to make "publishable" numbers about throughput and
whatnot.  I usually do relative tests -- see how changes to the code
improve the throughput on my rather limited test bed.

But the SPEC folks have been kind enough to donate a copy of specweb96 to
me, and I've convinced some folks to let me set up a nice testbed for some
work soon.  So maybe I'll be able to get numbers.


On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:

> Are there any numbers about the performance one could expect from
> Apache? Things like hits/second and sustained transfer rate.
> I know that these numbers depend highly on operating system and
> hardware, but Im not looking for exact numbers, just something to
> compare my measurements to and get an idea if I have room for
> optimization left.
> ---Ingo Luetkebohle
> dev/consulting Gesellschaft fuer Netzwerkentwicklung und -beratung mbH
> url: - fon: 0521-1365800 - fax: 0521-1365803

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