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From Igor Tatarinov <>
Subject CGI output caching
Date Mon, 26 Jan 1998 22:15:17 GMT
Hi folks,

Sorry I've already asked this question but didn't get any answer. Is the
idea absolutely dumb or what?

What I am thinking of is caching of CGI output. I know that it's tough and
not always useful (I hear you saying "Don't cache our counter, you moron!).

But everytime I visit imdb (hi Rob!) I think that it may worth it.  Just
think of eliminating the need to start a new perl process and execute it.

Of course, in some situations it might be a bad idea. The main problem is
probably that the length of the output stream is unknown. 

Yeah, it may be tougher than I think and isn't it what proxies are for? 

anyway your comments are welcome

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