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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: NT to do list
Date Sat, 10 Jan 1998 19:02:18 GMT
Paul Sutton wrote:
> Another way could be to have a named pipe and have a parent process thread
> read it for control messages. Rather like INNd's controller. That would be
> neat and extensible to Unix, but would only work on NT since 95 doesn't
> have named pipes.

True, but one can use an anonymous pipe, so long as there's a place to
put its handle (i.e. something akin to the file).

> > MS certainly believes that TransmitFile is the way to go (unless
> > ISAPI filters need access to the outgoing stream)
> Well, Apache doesn't currently work with ISAPI filters. I think if we go
> to TransmitFile and friends we really need to completely re-organise the
> way that data is transmitted to make it into a fully overlappedIO-aware
> application. I.e. reduce the number of threads and get each to work
> asynchronously on multiple overlapped IOs -- like MS tells you to do for
> fast IO. Shame they had to make async IO so different from the familar
> Unix IO.

I'm beginning to think it is worth moving to using Win32 native handles
throughout, coz the CGI hanging bug looks like a synchronisation problem
with the standard C library. In the process, we could make this kind of

The C libraries are not too hot as far as multithread goes anyway - as
far as I can see, for the "usual" calls, at most two threads can be
doing anything at the same time.

The old version of Apache that I got running under NT used native
handles, so a lot of the required code is lying around somewhere on one
of my machines...



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