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From Igor Tatarinov <>
Subject Re: performance comparison
Date Tue, 06 Jan 1998 22:01:13 GMT
Well, this wan't my question but indeed I need some benchmarking
tool to test performance of my caching module.

The first thing that I tried was ZeusBench (is it still alive?).
It's pretty nice and simple but it can only request one file. Another 
problem it works in two modes only: a single keepalive connection or 
a separate connection per request.

I wanted to request different files and be able to specify duration of
ka connections (say 5 requests per connection). This way zb becomes more 
realistic. To create my "web site" I take a log and run a perl script
to create all necessary directories and files (sizes are known from 
the log). Then I use, the same log and a modified zb to benchmark

Another reason, I did that is that I wanted to simulate a lot of I/O
activity (may occasionally happen on a busy server) so I took a log
with a large data set.

If if we had a standard log for such kind of testing, then the results 
could be comparable. 

WebStone used to be a popular benchmark but from it's web page
it seems like it's dying. And they don't have any results on that page.


Dean Gaudet wrote:
> Since it depends so much on your setup I suggest just doing it with and
> without your caching module and see what you get.  I've never actually had
> the proper test network to make "publishable" numbers about throughput and
> whatnot.  I usually do relative tests -- see how changes to the code
> improve the throughput on my rather limited test bed.
> But the SPEC folks have been kind enough to donate a copy of specweb96 to
> me, and I've convinced some folks to let me set up a nice testbed for some
> work soon.  So maybe I'll be able to get numbers.
> Dean
> On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:
> > Are there any numbers about the performance one could expect from
> > Apache? Things like hits/second and sustained transfer rate.
> >
> > I know that these numbers depend highly on operating system and
> > hardware, but I´m not looking for exact numbers, just something to
> > compare my measurements to and get an idea if I have room for
> > optimization left.
> >
> > ---Ingo Luetkebohle
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> > url: - fon: 0521-1365800 - fax: 0521-1365803
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