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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.2.5 Win32 CYGWIN32 support patch
Date Mon, 26 Jan 1998 05:44:51 GMT

At 07:37 PM 1/22/98 +0100, Stipe Tolj wrote:
>this is a request for adding the CYGWIN32 support patch I recently made for
>the latest Apache 1.2.5 release for Win32 systems (Windows 95 and NT) to the
>orginal Apache 1.2.5 source code distribution.

Hi there.  A couple of things:

1) please don't send big attachments to the list, it makes it annoying for
folks on the end of slow links and without MIME mailreaders. (side note for
other new-httpd folk - anyone mind if I bounce messages larger than a
certain size?  Say 200K?)

2) As we've been working on 1.3, we've seen there's a *lot* to porting to
NT beyond getting it to compile.  If we decided to support cygwin32 support
in the next in the 1.2.x series, we'd have to do a *lot* beyond just
getting it to compile to get it to a state we'd be happy with, particularly
from a performance and security perspective.  A lot of that work has gone
into 1.3, and with 1.3 being so close to release I don't think anyone wants
to spend the time duplicating that work.

3) We've evaluated the cygwin32 environment, and unfortunately the license
is unacceptable - any binary built on that platform *must* be put under the
GPL.  This is not harmonious with the Apache license.  It doesn't mean we
wouldn't consider the changes, but it does mean our "default" environment
must be a compiler which does not place burdens upon code it is used to
compile.  All complaints on this issue can be forwarded to  :)

I hate to discourage someone interested in helping Apache, so here's what I
suggest you do:

1) Get a copy of 1.3 from and port that to
the cygwin32 environment.  That way you can take advantage of all the
NT-specific work we've had to do.

2) Separate out the other non-cygwin32 features you added and propose them
as separate patches.  Your changes stand a MUCH better chance being
considered seriously if they're handled separately.  Follow the
instructions at regarding format and
the like.

3) Realize that if you're standing up to contribute patches to get Apache
to work under cygwin32, it's really expected that you'll continue to
maintain that environment; that means testing the CVS tree semiregularly to
look for compilation errors, and then sending patches that fix those errors
to this list for inclusion.  If there's no one around to maintain it, it's
likely to fall into disrepair....

Thanks for contributing to Apache!


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